Pau Tai Industrial Corp. established as a trading business
Started production of lead based stabilizers started.
Started production of metallic soaps and one package stabilizers.
Started production of liquid cadmium barium zinc series stablizers.
Started production of organotin and phosphite chelators
Established Xiamen United Chemical Company Ltd.
Joint venture pursued to create Xian Jiangtai Chemical.
ISO 9001 certified.
Established Pau Tai International (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Established Pat Tai Industrial (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Established Nantong Advance Chemicals Ltd. for the Organotin products.
Establish Nantong Cherng Tai Chemical for the acrylic processing aid.
Total Group Company Revenue achieves RMB¥1 Billion
New Investment for Non-Toxic Environment-Friendly Additives
New Developed Calcium-Zinc Non-Toxic Stabilizers for Rigid PVC Profile, Foam Profile, Window Profile, and PVC Pipe