PAU TAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION provides an extensive product portfolio targeted to the needs of the PVC industry. Our product portfolio includes a full line of stabilizers, organotin stabilizers, plasticizers, lubricants, activators, processing aids and variety of additives that solve many PVC manufacturing problems. We are committed to improving product quality, manufacturing processes, and reduce manufacturing costs for our customers. Formulation and processing needs are handled by our well trained, experienced service team and well equipped laboratory.
PAU TAI is totally committed to our worldwide partners. Our manufacturing sites are ISO-9001 certified to insure our products meet worldwide quality standards. We have manufacturing sites in Xiamen and Xian providing full time customer service. Our recently established, China based ADVANCE Chemicals Ltd. is producing a full line of organotin stabilizers. ADVANCE Chemicals Ltd. is a USA/ Japan/ Taiwan joint venture, combining the experience, knowledge and expertise of three great manufacturing partners. ADVANCE Chemicals produces a wide range of products including methyl, butyl and octyl tin stabilizers, phosphite ester, and 2-ethylhexyl thioglycolate. We manufacture stabilizer solutions for calendered, injection mold, extruded flexible, rigid packaging films, PVC pipe and profile applications.
PAU TAI is the leading PVC stabilizer manufacturer in Taiwan. The Company was founded in 1972 for the production and service of PVC processing additives. For the past 10 years we have also specialized in high efficiency, low toxic and non-toxic stabilizers and plasticizers. Today, thanks to our close working relationships with our customers, we continue to develop the most technologically advanced stabilizers. PAU TAI is positioned as one of the leading expert PVC stabilizer manufacturers. Our close customer relationships have honored us as one of "The Top 1000 Manufacturers in Taiwan,” and we are the only heat stabilizer manufacturer on the "Chemical Materials Top 30" list.