We deeply appreciate all our esteemed customers for the past 38 years. Thanks to your positive affirmation and partnership our mutual growth shall continue far into the future. Our pride is measured by your accomplishments and satisfaction.
Blowing Film
When relaxing and sitting on the beach with the family, letting the children play in the sea, Pau Tai is there. Colorful toys and anti-bacterial waterproof beach chairs are made possible by our innovation team. We provide the perfect color stability and extreme waterproof materials for the blown films producing these great products.
All parents know the most important thing in life is the childhood smiles that make this time of life unforgettable. Toys are children's most valued treasures. Pau Tai is responsible and proud to develop safe, 100% non-toxic, and environmentally friendly plastic toy materials.
Electrical Lines
Thanks to modern technology, our living environment is ever more convenient. But in unseen corners spreads a network of phone lines, cable lines, electrical lines, and high power lines. Pau Tai develops non degrading cable materials with extreme color hold, no blooming or copper rust.
Window Profiles and Construction Materials
Hi-tech materials are used to make window profiles and other construction materials to improve our living environment. The Pau Tai R&D team makes sure window profile materials withstand extreme heat without distortion, and colors are unaffected by intense UV rays. Pau Tai works hard to promise the safety, durability, fire proof, anti-UV, high heat resistance abilities of these construction materials.
Advertising Sheet
Thanks to advertising sheets our daily walks in the street are filled with beautiful advice and heart touching words on building walls and buses. Pau Tai makes sure these materials have high printability, have deep color, maintain clarity and brilliant color consistency, and can be computer colored.
Foam Leather Sheet
As toys are to children, ladies’ bags are a perennial favorite for fashionable women. To create a softer feel and brilliant colors, we provide uniform fine cell structure for foam leathers. We also offer shoe leathers with sulfide resistance, good printability, and high elasticity even in low temperatures.
Furniture Sheet
We spend a lot of time sitting on the couch with our family. Plastic leather furniture sheet from Pau Tai is light weight, has a fine surface structure, exhibits no plate-out, no blooming, has uniform color even on large size furniture. This line of products is safe and non-toxic with high temperature resistance.
Whether water pipes or sewage pipes, we manufacture pipes of newly developed non-lead materials for pipes with high impact strength and smooth surface.
Shrinking Film
Soft drinks are enjoyed by people worldwide. The beautiful plastic packing is made with our tin stabilizer, acrylic processing aid and lubricant. Our products provide packing shrink film with excellent printability, no fish-eyes, and do not contain phenol.